Being An Urban Nomad

Hi Everyone!

Let us start with Why Urban Nomad?

I recently read this somewhere-

“Write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.”

I am considering that you have understood my Why through this quote.

Now you must be wondering what made me name this venture as Urban Nomad?

Urban because I have my roots in a city and Nomad because I have my feet in all different places. Therefore, I belong everywhere.

How I became an Urban Nomad?

As a child, I have taken endless vacations with my family and I am sure many of us have been to places about which we can hardly recall anything now. The best means to recollect those memories has always been that family album full of photographs that preserves those beautiful moments from the past. I still wonder who exactly took those pictures!

As I grew up, I turned out to be a person who would prefer to stay behind the camera and bring home some classic photographs of my parents, my cousins and the places that grabbed my interest. I would take prints, place them in albums and watch them every year to relish the good old times. As they say, I turned into a Shutterbug.

Time just flew and the digital era popped up and then something called Social Media came into our lives. I was glad because I got a platform to share my clicks with a hundred others who would not only just watch my pictures but will also give me a quick feedback or appreciate my work. Another thing that changed was the family vacation part because we all got busy in our work life and it got difficult to go on a vacation as an entire family.

But I could never stop. It was my work that triggered me to travel more and more; create hundreds of albums and share them in the digital world. And it was seven years ago when I chose to roam individually and capture the essence of each place and carry it home in my camera. Not only that, I started writing about my travel encounters and to my surprise people loved my reviews.

My friends encouraged me a lot and I can never forget one thing that they said-

Keep travelling because when we are occupied in our corporate lives and we hardly get to move around, it gives us pleasure to see the world through your eyes. It makes us feel that we are a part of your journey.”

And one day, it just clicked that why not do it properly as a blogger so here I am; bringing to you the fascinating stories from my travel diaries which will make your travel around the globe through my experiences and you won’t regret on missing out any fun.

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