The Mud-House Madness – When Urban Nomad goes Rural

Are you that lost rural kid who apparently moved to a city in search of good education, job opportunities and urban joys? I think many of us are. For a typical Indian, the idea of vacation would generally be going out and far, specially to the developed areas, cities and go see the urban wonders. But when the city life strikes you, all you need a vacation for is to go back home!

I may not really hail from a village but I do have some amazing childhood memories of country homes in Madhya Pradesh; those at my native village Obedullaganj or even at my dad’s farm house in Panjra. I can recall running around in the farm fields, making castles and digging handshake caves in the sand heaps, getting soaked in the water pumped from those thick tubewell pipes, sipping water from a handpump, climbing rock walls or playing the forgotten games such as sitoliya or pittu. And when it comes to the country food, my favourites were that chulhe ki roti, sigri wali dal and silbatte ki pisi hui chutney and that rada hua doodh, freshly milked from our farm cows – Omg! Such earthy delights. Trust me, I have had it all.

But since I live in the country capital now, I may have to miss every bit of it or always wait till I am home for vacations. I am sure a lot of you feel the disconnect and sometimes want to time travel to the comfort of nostalgia. And for that, now you don’t always need to go home because Delhi-NCR has a bit of it within a decent driving distance.

I recently discovered that Rural Getways that are located close to the capital are the new stress busters; be it millenials, parents or even the children, they are for everyone. We did a weekend trip to a place called THEMIS MUDHOUSE – a concept resort inspired from the village culture in Haryana. Located nearly 90 kms away ( Appx. 3 hours drive) from Noida and 40 kms from Delhi mainland (At Village Sampla, Haryana), this resort is a one stop destination to fulfill all your nostalgic comforts and rural desires.



We chose to stay at their authentic village mud house (The Super Deluxe Cottage) with thatched roofs having a perfect blend of antique wooden furniture and modern amenties. It also featured a romantic garden facing balcony, enclosed in the greens where you could simply sit and talk for hours.

Spread in acres, Themis Mudhouse breathes the hearty goodness of the villages in Haryana. The moment you enter, it is almost like you are walking into all our traditions together – a group of folk dancers and singers doing rounds to entertain you (you can  join them too), a lady excited to decorate your palms with the colors of traditional mehndi (henna), a live pottery workshop being offered by a very simple village man who just wants you to try a hand at his potter’s wheel and even take your creations home as a memoir. As the sun sets, it starts getting livelier. And yeah, all of this at no extra cost but just a few tips as you would like.

They offer amazing leisure activities such as Mud Bath were you can let loose in a mud pit and rejuvinate your skin in the richness of multaani mitti. And if you still don’t want to get dirty with mud, then you even have a swimming pool to relax for the day. They also have spa facilities if you love pampering yourself.

If you are looking to indulge yourself into various sports activities and stay fit, these guys have got you covered – net cricket, table tennis, volleyball, pool table, air hockey. Just pick what you like (They will ask you for a safety deposit of INR 500 and return it once you are done playing so don’t hesitate).

Now let me tell you about the best part of our trip to Themis Mudhouse- The Food! Usually, with all this fancy stuff that any resort offers, I never expect good food. But these guys took me by a surprise. Everything is simply great and the food turned out to be marvellous. This place features a traditional village style kitchen where you will spot a lady preparing the meals, cooking the season specials on the hot griddle resting on the glowing coal and wood pieces.


The Earthy Kitchen

At the restaurant, we decided to sit on traditional ground seating just like our ancestors ate. We chose to order the Haryanvi Thali called Gaon ka combo so that we could taste every bit of the state in a plate – Haryanvi Kheer Churma, Sarson ka Saag, Makka and Bajra roti, Dal, and Buttermilk to name a few. Well, what they cook is completely organic and farm fresh so be sure that you eat this healthy feast to the fullest.

Also, don’t forget to try out their traditional turbans for a quick desi selfie. Just like we did!

After a delicious meal, the team decided to set a private bonfire for us at the camp pit. It was a perfect way to warm up at the chilly full moon night. We played a few romantic tracks and many others decided to join us. And I turned out to be one hell of a Romantic DJ that night. Not just that, while we were soaking up the heat from the fire, I chose to sip their most famous Tandoori Chai which is a must try.


The Bonfire

They have a tandoor just for the chai which is served to you in kulhad. They were kind enough to bring me one at the bonfire ground itself while I was too busy looking at the full moon and the starry sky.


Tandoori Chai in making

After the bonfire, we strolled around the property and sat by the pool for some chit chat. There were some magical reflections in the pool and the moon was glowing at its best.


By the pool

This property is full of such beautiful spaces where you can have your special moments and personal time. And while you explore it, you will discover something new. Don’t miss the photo stops and ops!


Lovely reflections


A great background for your dp!

Isn’t that a great place to get back to your rural roots? I have already gone gaga over it and looking forward to my second visit soon. Meanwhile, you must have your first!

Well, this place has everything you wish for.


I would like to give a special mention to Mr. Prabhanshu (Manager at Themis Mudhouse) for his hospitality and personal touches to our stay. He is a great help and the best person to arrange things for you in the property. Do ask for him when you visit there.

How to reach?

Themis Mudhouse (Delhi-NCR) – 

Village Sampla Main Rohtak Road, Bahadurgarh NH 10

Average Room Rate – INR 2,500 onwards

Website –

Photography By: Nikita Kothari

Copyright (c) 2018 | All rights reserved.


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