Hi Everyone!

The Urban Nomad is the brainchild of Nikita Kothari; a young artist from Bhopal who truly believes that the universe is made of stories. Nikita loves to travel and she observes the world through her camera.

Nikita considers herself as an Urban Nomad. Urban because she has her roots in the city and Nomad because Nikita keeps her feet at all different places. That’s why she says- Take Me Anywhere!

The Urban Nomad is Nikita’s digital diary where she will be jotting down her journey as a globetrotter and her encounters with amazing places; her idea of leisure and pleasure; her food choices and reviews; her visits to various events and festivals; and her experiences as an explorer of different cultures.

Nikita’s Ultimate Travel Mantra-

Never Stop Wondering, Never Stop Wandering

Hop On!


Nikita Kothari #TheUrban Nomad